Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Hallows Eve

...was so much fun to plan and decorate for. I've decided that Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday...okay maybe a tie with the 4th of July. But seriously, how often do you get an excuse to be silly, decorate with fake spider webs, and play dress up in a socially acceptable way?

Not only that, other people willingly do it with you! Please note the victims below. I even learned the Thriller dance!
Now I have skills.
And I was sooo happy to see my friends who came from such a long distance! You guys rock!
I loved the black lights and the way they floressed my spider webs. The next morning I saw I was not the only one impressed with my handiwork: a real spider had decided to make himself at home in the neon green web! Fooled him--ha!