Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meeting of Like Minds

It's not about fashion, but I have a blog, I told my friend, Elaine, regarding the invitation on her blog for a blogger's meet-up, Can I come? I was relieved that I was not the only non-fashion blogger there. Not that the girls weren't fashionable--anything but--it just made for interesting conversation with an eclectic group of people.
I'm always interested to hear the reasons why people start blogs: because they were bored, because they had a skill they could share with the world wide community, because they wanted to document what was going on in their lives. For me, blogging started as a journal, turned into a current events commentary, evolved into a place I could keep in touch with people far away from me, and ended up as a venue to share what photos I had taken recently, mostly for my family as I practice shooting their kids. Hmm. With my camera.
This blog never really found its groove and that is why I wanted to announce that a new blog is coming soon. A new blog that will hopefully have a defined purpose and designated direction. Check back soon for the link. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from last night's killer meet-up. And thanks to Elaine and Meg for the OPI prize. I never win anything!

Disclaimer: please forgive the quality of these photos. :)
Aren't they all so stylish? Sheesh.

Such a cute smile on this little guy. Pictures don't do justice.

Meg of Fresh Brownies in b & w to hide the horrendous backlighting that made us jaundiced! It was so fun to find so much in common. I'll be coming to visit you soon, as promised!

Cutest Elaine, whom I adore. Thanks for letting me come to your cool party.

I now have a jealousy of a certain someone moving to Hawaii, an interest in learning more about commercial fishing, and a desire to make friends with the sewing machine again...without stabbing myself with a seam-ripper this time.

It was fun chatting with you guys.

Keep blogging, world. We all need something to do when we get bored at work, right? cough. Not that anyone actually does that, of course...


  1. Great pics! It was nice to get to know you a little bit last night. And I am so glad you got a group shot with my eyes open!

  2. I wish we had gotten the chance to chat. Maybe next time!