Monday, April 5, 2010

Announcing new blog. Holla!

Dear Blogger,

You've been good to me, truly, you have. Please don't be mad that I've created another blog elsewhere. I know what it must look like and I don't have any good excuses except that I think we may have just...drifted apart. I might be back from time to time. Maybe. But it could be that my new-found attachment to the other blog is permanent.

We've had a good run. And I want you to know: it's not you. Really. It's me.




  1. That is the best blog break up letter I've ever read.

  2. Wahoo!!!! And where are my pics lady?!? :D

  3. You're up next, Elaine, I promise! Sorry, with all the shoots I've been doing I got behind in editing & have been updating in the order I took them. :) Check my new blog tomorrow. I'll send you a text if it happens to be tonight!